ABC Pediatric Dentistry DOES work with the vast majority of insurance carriers as a non-restricted specialty provider. We do still “take” most insurances. For your convenience, we will file your dental insurance claim for you at the time of your child’s visit. We will also do our best to work with you to help you understand your insurance
coverage and your responsibility, if any, for each dental visit. Please be sure to contact our office if you have any questions about your insurance coverage at 605.275.5771
prior to your child’s dental appointment.

In order to continue to provide the highest level of pediatric dentistry specialized care and attention that our patients and their parents have come to expect and
definitely deserve, we find we can no longer be a participating (in-network) provider with insurance companies. We still will strive to help you understand and maximize the
insurance benefits you have with your insurance company.

Dr. Aeschlimann is a specialist in pediatric dentistry. Dr. A. and her Team are so passionate about wanting to work with children that we have years of additional training
and many, many years of experience working just with kids. In her specialty training program as well as through hours of ongoing continuing education training she attends annually, Dr. A. strives to always stay up on the latest in the many different unique aspects of treating children only, learning about growth and development, child psychology, care for children with special needs, hospital dentistry, advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, and much, much more! Dr. A. also has taken the rigorous testing to become a Board-Certified pediatric dentist, the highest level of certification in the field of pediatric dentistry. As a pediatric dentistry specialty office, Dr. A. and her Team work only with children, every patient, every day. They are extremely passionate about making the dental experience FUN and not scary for children, or their parents. Another thing that sets ABC Pediatric Dentistry apart from many other pediatric dental offices is that you the parent are welcome to remain with your child during your child’s visit, every visit. We understand that often times parents would prefer to remain with their child during dental check-up appointments as well as dental treatment appointments. At ABC Pediatric Dentistry parents are welcome to do so. We want to spend quality time with each and every patient and their parents to help them have a positive experience in the dental office and learn how to take care of their teeth between check-up appointments, plus have the opportunity to ask questions of the doctor and Team. We have found that being in-network with insurance companies can often hinder our capacity to really spend the TIME with each family that we feel each child and family deserves. We also do not want the limits of insurance companies to result in children not being offered or receiving the option of the most appropriate, safest, and BEST care that you want for your child!

Our main goals are to help young children have positive experiences at the dental office and to be empowered with the information they need to learn how to take care of their
teeth in order to minimize or avoid getting cavities and grow up with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile! We know that coming to the dentist can be an intimidating and maybe sometime not-so-fun-thing you have to do. At ABC, we intend to Always Be Compassionate. Let us help you give your child a great start when it comes to dentistry