We love what we do

We are so excited and passionate at ABC about doing our best to provide the absolute top quality, FUN, compassionate, and timely pediatric specialty dental care to all of the children and families who walk through our doors! We here at ABC are a small, but dedicated, Team.

As a specialty office with only one pediatric dentist trying to provide the absolute top-quality care and customer service, we are just not able to serve everyone who would like their child to be a patient at ABC at this time. Our sincerest apologizes that we currently have to turn away potential GREAT NEW PATIENTS and families in our attempt to be able to continue to provide timely care to our current patients and those being referred to us in true need of pediatric specialty care. We humbly apologize for the inconvenience to those new families we sadly have to recommend seek out care elsewhere at this time.

We are proud to be in a community filled with a great number of family dental clinics
where excellent dental care for children can be received. These general dental offices
will make a referral to our office if pediatric specialty care is indicated for your child. We are currently only accepting new patients by referral from a general dentist if a child is truly in need of pediatric specialty care at this time.

We will also continue to provide care to the children/families we are already serving until they are ready to “graduate” to their family dental office when their needs are no longer that of a pediatric specialty dental office.