The Magic Wand

We at ABC are SOOO excited! We will now be able to provide dental care for kids WITHOUT TRADITIONAL SHOTS!!

Due to training Dr. A attended as well as valuable in-office training Dr. A and our amazingly-talented and highly-trained Pediatric Dental Assistants accomplished recently, we are going to be able to start to offer dental fillings, crowns, and extractions WITHOUT SHOTS!!

Now instead of the traditional local anesthetic and syringe with needle, for most procedures, we will be able to use “The Wand.” This amazing technology will allow Dr. A to make a single tooth (or teeth) numb in a pain-free manner utilizing a computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system that numbs the tooth slowly and effectively…and painlessly!

This Single Tooth Anesthetic device also has the important added benefit of only numbing the tooth (or teeth) and NOT the lip, tongue, and cheek. This will result in less chance of annoying the kiddos because their soft tissueswon’t feel numb AND they won’t end up biting their numb lip after the procedure because it won’t be numb! They can return to school or life immediately after their appointment because even though the TOOTH was numb for the procedure, nothing else feels annoyingly numb!

And there is no archaic syringe and needle for kids to have to worry about. When they ask, “Do I have to get a shot?” we can confidently and honestly answer them, “No! Dr. A and her Team will use their Magic Wand to help the sugar bugs fall asleep!”

Call today to schedule your child’s next dental visit! Our goal is to help teach kids how to AVOID getting cavities, but if they do get a cavity, we want to help fix them in the most up-to-date, caring, compassionate (i.e. non-emotionally traumatic) manner possible. 605.275.5771