Taking care of kids!

Dental emergencies can be traumatic… both emotionally and physically! It may be a little one learning to walk, falls and bumps her lip, and her mouth starts bleeding and her lip swells up. Or, it may be a young boy playing at recess gets his tooth chipped by an accidental elbow to the mouth during a basketball game, or after school suffers from a header into the handlebars of his bike or scooter.

No matter what the emergency, it can be a less scary-and-traumatic experience for both you and your child if you have already established a caring, compassionate dental home for your child, with a Team of highly-trained and specialized individuals to take the best possible care of your child’s emergency needs.

At ABC, we are passionate about taking care of your kids and always aim to provide them positive dental experiences, even in – especially in! – emergency situations.

We also spend time at new patient and recare appointments discussing steps to take to try to minimize the risks of dental trauma, emergencies, and toothaches. Accidents still can happen, and we are here for our patients when they do.

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(Photo of ER treatment completed by Dr. A. Posted with family’s permission.)