By Dr. A…

I am VERY passionate about a child’s first dental visit!

Did you know? It is recommended by both the ADA and American Medical Association that your baby be seen by a dentist by their first birthday.

There are many reasons for your child’s first visit by age one, even though only a few teeth will be present at this time.

One reason is to have a dental home established for your little one as he or she starts toddling around so that if he or she ever falls and hurts a tooth or mouth, you have a pediatric dentist who can help! Unfortunately, accidents and injury to the mouth are prone to happen in this young age group!

Another reason is to help you learn how best to take care of your baby’s teeth as they grow in, HOPEFULLY so together we can try to help them NEVER get a cavity! Some people think they should wait until their child is old enough to sit in the dental chair and cooperate. That is often TOO LATE! resulting in your child’s first visit being one where many cavities are already present. This is when dentistry can sometimes become painful and more costly.

At the Age One visit, we will help guide you in establishing good home care routines – like brushing and healthy snacking habits – to help try to PREVENT CAVITIES and establish a cavity-free mouth right away and for the REST OF YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!

We will evaluate the quality of the enamel of the teeth that are in, and determine if there are any weak areas of enamel that may be more prone to breaking down into a cavity. This early detection of weak enamel can allow us to help you STOP them from becoming ugly and painful cavities by applying the appropriate preventative measures sooner than later.

We will help evaluate any habits your child has like using a pacifier or sucking their thumb. Many infants have these oral habits. Having oral habits can be age-appropriate and not be any cause for concern; however, some kids may use their thumb or paci inappropriately, resulting in significant negative effects to their teeth and jaws. We always look at this at the Age One visit and subsequent appointments with your little one, trying to minimize their need for orthodontic braces or jaw surgery in the future, if possible.

We can give you tips for brushing your child’s teeth, too!

I am SOOO passionate about these early dental visits and how important they are and all that we do for your child at these visits that I even did research projects on this subject during my dental school and residency training. It is unfortunate that there is not more Public Service Announcements about the importance and value of your child’s first dental visit when they are little. I want to help spread that education and help infants be seen early to get them on the right path to a lifetime of a healthy teeth and a beautiful smile…and happy, fun, easy visits to the dentist!


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