Thank you for considering our office to provide the specialty pediatric dental care and attention indicated for your young dental patient. We know you have choices, and we appreciate you choosing us.

At ABC Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to provide quality, specialty dental care for your patient in a caring and friendly environment in the most compassionate manner possible. It is important to us to always be aware that there is a child connected to the tooth! We want to take the time necessary to help the child have positive dental experiences – to build up their confidence and comfort in the dental office – in addition to ultimately providing the dental treatment indicated. We want the patient to have happy experiences as a child in order to grow up trusting dentists and seeking out regular, preventative and comprehensive dental care for life.

For those reasons, during the child’s first appointment in our office we spend time with the child and his/her parents to establish that trust and confidence in order to move forward with quality and appropriate, compassionate dental treatment.

Each patient referred to our office will be treated according to that individual child’s needs. Often times when a patient is referred to our office for specialty care, a comprehensive specialty examination will be indicated prior to a treatment plan being developed and discussed with the family in order to provide the highest quality and most appropriate specialty care that you and the patient and patient’s family desire.

If you were able to obtain radiographs in your office, please release a copy of those radiographs to the patient to bring to their appointment at our office, or send the radiographs directly to us if you would prefer. Additional radiographs will only be taken at our office if deemed necessary, or if no radiographs were obtained at your office.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have.