National Toothache Day

Seriously!?…February 9th is recognized as National Toothache Day! Crazy!

Did you know that in fact, “dental disease causes children to miss more that 51 million school hours each year. Prevention and early detection can help avoid PAIN, trouble eating, difficulty speaking, and school absences.” (

At ABC Pediatric Dentistry we are HUGE BELIEVERS in cavity prevention as well as avoiding the old-school ways of taking care of dental pain for kids. No tough love here! Our highly-trained and pediatric-specialized Team aims to provide kids and families education on how to minimize or avoid getting cavities. Should a “sugar bug” sneak in and cause some damage, we also have ways to COMPASSIONATELY and painlessly provide dental care for kids such as The Wand (so no shots!), laughing gas, SMART fillings, and care under general anesthesia if indicated and desired.

Schedule your child’s dental visit at ABC to help keep your little one from suffering a toothache. 605.275.5771 We are currently accepting children ages 7 and under.