My First Dental Visit…By: Dr. A

When I was a kid, the first dental visit I can remember my mom taking me to was when I had “shark teeth”…two rows of my bottom front teeth. My baby teeth were stubborn and weren’t falling out and my new “big girl” teeth were growing in behind them. At that appointment, the dentist determined the need to wiggle out my four front baby teeth to make room for my new bigger permanent teeth. I don’t recall much from that appointment, but I DO remember that my mom was so sweet and had the Tooth Fairy send me a cool plaque (no pun intended!!) with my baby teeth bronzed and a note from the Tooth Fairy congratulating me! My mom was able to turn what could have been a negative memory into a positive one!

Parents can play such a big role in helping their kids have either a good first experience at the dentist or a negative one. At ABC, we realize that some parents are nervous about going to the dentist because they themselves have had a negative experience as a child at the dentist. One of our main goals at ABC is to help kids not only have positive experiences at the dentist but ideally to even have FUN when they come to see us! We take it easy on kids at their first visit – all visits, really – and meet them where they are in terms of their comfort level. We feel this is one of the many things that set ABC Pediatric Dentistry apart and makes us a great first dental office for kids!

If you would like to see what we are talking about, please give our office a call at 605.275.5771 to schedule your child’s first dental visit today! The first dental visit is recommended by age one to really help get your little one off to a healthy start when it comes to their pearly whites! 🙂 We are currently taking new patients up to age 6 without a referral, and up to age 8 with a dentist’s or doctor’s referral.