Dr. Laura A. Aeschlimann (Dykstra) is a native South Dakotan who grew up on a farm in rural
Monroe. Dr. A. graduated as Valedictorian from Marion High School in 1995 and then went on
to South Dakota State University in Brookings to study her pre-dentisty courses. In 1998 Dr. A.
was one of only a handful of her classmates to earn early admission into dental school in
Minneapolis and received her D.D.S. from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in
Minneapolis in 2002. Dr. A. specialized in Pediatric Dentistry in Omaha at the University of
Nebraska Medical Center for two years. The day after the completion of her many, many years
of school, Dr. A. married her husband Chad, and they moved to Okinawa, Japan where Dr. A.
served three years active duty service in the United States Air Force as the Chief of Pediatric
Dentistry at Kadena Air Base. Following the completion of her active duty service commitment,
Dr. A. and her family – husband Chad and their son Tanner – returned home to South Dakota
where Dr. A. entered private practice as an associate dentist. In the winter of 2012, Dr. A.
opened ABC Pediatric Dentistry – a specialty pediatric dental practice with an emphasis on
providing positive dental experiences for young children where prevention of cavities is the
dental team’s goal, along with education, fun, and compassionate dental care, all in a kid-
friendly – and parent-friendly – atmosphere.

Dr. A enjoys sharing the story of how she came to be a pediatric dentist:

I was in the fifth grade when I first decided that I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up.  Instead of playing ‘doctor’ when we were little, I played ‘dentist’ with my younger brother and sister and best friend (or “BFF” as they are called nowadays!).  I always liked going to the dentist, despite the fact that my insatiable ‘sweet tooth’ often resulted in the need for more fillings!  In high school I found out about ‘pediatric dentists’ – dentists whose job it is to see only kids!  I had always enjoyed baby-sitting and really felt like I could relate to and was good at working with kids.  So my new goal was to become a pediatric dentist.  Dental school and residency were worth all the hard work because I absolutely love and enjoy what I get to do each day…help kids ~hopefully~ have the best experience they can at the dental office, just like I did when I was young.

14-2014 - full jpgs - 4931Dr. A. and her teenage son Tanner and husband Chad live on an acreage in the rural Parker area near where both grew up. They have a fat cat Abbie and a Australian Sheep dog Ace…who misses the sheep that used to live on the farm! Dr. A. enjoys spending time with her husband and son as well as with family, nieces and nephews, friends and colleagues. She is very passionate about attending continuing education to keep learning and taking exceptional care of her patients and is proud to be kind of “nerdy” that way! For fun she enjoys playing piano, reading, watching movies, playing cards and boards games…and beach vacationing in the winter! Dr. A has spent much of her “Mom-hood” learning to become an advocate for Tanner who has numerous medical and special needs related to autism and epilepsy, and she has made a lot of great friends living in the crazy word of being a Mom!