What a rewarding experience!

In February, Dr. A. along with her husband, mom, and ten others traveled to the country of Jamaica on a Christian Dental Mission Trip for a week.

One of the main draws Dr. A. had to becoming a dentist was to be able to help others. A top reason the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry was her choice for dental school was because of the strong outreach program in which she was able to participate. During her senior year of dental school Dr. A. went to Jamaica (as well as underserved areas in rural Minnesota and Rosebud in SD) to do free dentistry for those in pain. It was fun to return to Jamaica again thirteen years later to provide care again to these amazing people. (And yes, a trip to a tropical island in mid-winter is a perk of this type of mission trip!)

IMG_3981During the trip, the team of four general dentists and one pediatric dentist (Dr. A.), along with five other adults and three terrific children who helped in areas they could, provided care to 340 patients, removing 536 infected, decayed, painful teeth. The days were long and hot, and the work was very hard, but it was a very rewarding experience for all involved. Dr. A. hopes to be able to bring her ABC team members along on future mission trips such as this. We are also looking forward to serving the local community and children in pain and need by joining with other area dentists for a free Give Kids A Smile event that will be held in the Sioux Empire this fall. More details will come as the event draws near.