Here at ABC Pediatric Dentistry you the parent are welcome to remain with your child during your child’s visit, every visit. We understand that often times parents would prefer to remain with their child during dental check-up appointments as well as dental treatment appointments.

At ABC Pediatric Dentistry parents are welcome to do so. We actually encourage it if that is your desire! At ABC Pediatric Dentistry we want to spend quality time with each and every patient and their parents to help the child, and parents, have a positive experience in the dental office, to learn how to take care of their teeth between check-up appointments, and to have the opportunity to ask questions of the doctor and staff. Our main goals are to help young children have positive experiences at the dental office and to be empowered with the information they need to learn how to take care of their teeth to hopefully minimize or avoid getting cavities in order to grow up with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile!