Taking care of kids!

Dental emergencies can be traumatic… both emotionally and physically! It may be a little one learning to walk, falls and bumps her lip, and her mouth starts bleeding and her lip swells up. Or, it may be a young boy playing at recess gets his tooth chipped by an accidental elbow to the mouth during […]

What is “THE AGE ONE FIRST DENTAL VISIT” about? By Dr. A… I am VERY passionate about a child’s first dental visit! Did you know? It is recommended by both the ADA and American Medical Association that your baby be seen by a dentist by their first birthday. There are many reasons for your child’s […]

When I was a kid, the first dental visit I can remember my mom taking me to was when I had “shark teeth”…two rows of my bottom front teeth. My baby teeth were stubborn and weren’t falling out and my new “big girl” teeth were growing in behind them. At that appointment, the dentist determined […]

Do you take my insurance?

We at ABC Pediatric Dentistry strive to provide the highest quality specialty dental care in a caring and compassionate manner. We look forward to spending time with your child and you, to not only provide necessary dental care, but especially to educate your child and you as to how to take care of their teeth […]

ABC Pediatric Dentistry DOES work with the vast majority of insurance carriers as a non-restricted specialty provider. We do still “take” most insurances. For your convenience, we will file your dental insurance claim for you at the time of your child’s visit. We will also do our best to work with you to help you […]

We love what we do

We are so excited and passionate at ABC about doing our best to provide the absolute top quality, FUN, compassionate, and timely pediatric specialty dental care to all of the children and families who walk through our doors! We here at ABC are a small, but dedicated, Team. As a specialty office with only one […]

Volunteer Dentistry

A big part of why I became a pediatric dentist was to be able to selflessly give back. I recently had the terrific opportunity to do so by participating on an eight-day Christian Dental Mission Trip to provide emergency dental care to patients in pain in Jamaica. (I also enjoy and participate in local and […]

My Journey in the Military

By Captain Laura A. (Dykstra) Aeschlimann. In 1998 I began attending the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry to achieve my dream of becoming a pediatric dentist. During my first year of dental school, I decided to apply for an Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (“HPSP”) scholarship to help defray some of the expenses […]

What a rewarding experience! In February, Dr. A. along with her husband, mom, and ten others traveled to the country of Jamaica on a Christian Dental Mission Trip for a week. One of the main draws Dr. A. had to becoming a dentist was to be able to help others. A top reason the University […]

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

  What happened to these teeth!? Why does this little 2-year-old’s teeth look like this? These are cavities, and they are a result of what is called “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.” One of the ways cavities can develop is when sweetened liquids or those with natural sugars remain on the teeth for prolonged periods of […]