Dear ABC Families,  In 2012, Dr. Laura Aeschlimann (Dr. A.) started ABC Pediatric Dentistry. Her primary mission was to offer compassionate care to her patients and their families. Over the last seven years, Dr. A. and her team have touched many lives, in big and small ways. We will never be able to replace Dr. […]

Exciting news!

ABC has some exciting news to share! Continue to watch our website and Facebook page ( ABC Pediatric Dentistry) for details. Our patients remain our #1 priority and we can’t wait to see you soon!

National Toothache Day

Seriously!?…February 9th is recognized as National Toothache Day! Crazy! Did you know that in fact, “dental disease causes children to miss more that 51 million school hours each year. Prevention and early detection can help avoid PAIN, trouble eating, difficulty speaking, and school absences.” ( At ABC Pediatric Dentistry we are HUGE BELIEVERS in cavity […]

The Magic Wand

We at ABC are SOOO excited! We will now be able to provide dental care for kids WITHOUT TRADITIONAL SHOTS!! Due to training Dr. A attended as well as valuable in-office training Dr. A and our amazingly-talented and highly-trained Pediatric Dental Assistants accomplished recently, we are going to be able to start to offer dental […]

TOTS Laser Frenectomy

About three years ago I started attending continuing education courses that focused on “tongue-ties” and “lips ties.” When I was in dental school and residency (way more years ago than I’m happy to admit!), there wasn’t much taught about the subject of the multitude of potential benefits of frenectomies (the fancy word for tongue tie/lip […]

Taking care of kids!

Dental emergencies can be traumatic… both emotionally and physically! It may be a little one learning to walk, falls and bumps her lip, and her mouth starts bleeding and her lip swells up. Or, it may be a young boy playing at recess gets his tooth chipped by an accidental elbow to the mouth during […]

What is “THE AGE ONE FIRST DENTAL VISIT” about? By Dr. A… I am VERY passionate about a child’s first dental visit! Did you know? It is recommended by both the ADA and American Medical Association that your baby be seen by a dentist by their first birthday. There are many reasons for your child’s […]

My First Dental Visit…By: Dr. A

When I was a kid, the first dental visit I can remember my mom taking me to was when I had “shark teeth”…two rows of my bottom front teeth. My baby teeth were stubborn and weren’t falling out and my new “big girl” teeth were growing in behind them. At that appointment, the dentist determined […]